School Thoughts from Wilson Central High School



Middle Tennessee Workshop/TASC Summer Camp

On Friday, October 11, 2013 Wilson Central High School hosted the annual Middle Tennessee Workshop. This year’s theme was LEGOS: Building Leaders and keynote speaker Tyrone Dobson spoke on just that. LEGOS was his acronym, standing for Loyal Energetic Genuine Outward Servants. Tyrone used his past experiences in TASC and his own student council experiences when he was Student Body President to show us how to react in certain situations. Later on we dismissed into our workshops where everyone was able to come back with great ideas for their home school. This year especially we took a moment to encourage delegates to attend TASC Summer Camp and previous campers shared their past experiences at camp and what it means to them.

For me this was my last year as a camper, but I plan to spend as much time in TASC as possible until they simply do not want me any longer. I honestly cannot imagine what my high school experience would have been like without my involvement in TASC. TASC Summer Camp has been a place I can safely discover my strengths and weakness and better myself as a leader. Not only do I have TASC Camp to thank for the leader I have become, but I have made dozens of best friends that will last a lifetime. It brought me closer with local councils and even councils four hours away from me. This year I plan to apply to become a camp counselor with the hope of spending a week of my summer helping others from all over the state learn from each other and grow into the leaders we are all meant to be.

Alexandra Schafer   

School Thoughts from Trenton Peabody High School


I hope that during this past school year your council was able to get involved in our state service project, Special Olympics.  If you did, then I know that you had a great time helping the special athletes have a lot of fun.  If your council did not participate it, then here is some information to teach you about what Special Olympics is and how you can help.

Special Olympics is an awesome organization that helps people with disabilities participate in sporting events that they normally would not have the opportunity to take part in.  It is really inspiring to see the big smiles on the athletes’ faces!  Special Olympics would be impossible without money donated and hours volunteered.  That is where TASC comes in.

Getting involved in Special Olympics is easy.  If there is a local Special Olympics event, your council can volunteer.  If there is not a local event, your council can have a fundraiser.  Your council can also help raise awareness for Special Olympics in your school or community.  All three of these are easy and very fulfilling to those who get involved. 

For more information about Special Olympics and the Platinum Award requirements, you can visit the service project page of the TASC website (  I hope that your council will get involved in Special Olympics if it has not already.  TASC appreciates your help and so do the Special Olympics athletes.  I hope to see you at convention!

Thank You,

Rachael Schulze                                                                                               

TASC Vice President                                                      

School Thoughts from Soddy Daisy High

Wild about Leadership!

 On November 14, 2013 my student council at SoddyDaisyHigh School had the honor of hosting the East TN workshop for 16 area schools. The theme was “Leadership Safari,” and we spent the day taking 400 students through the “jungle” of leadership. After greeting and hearing a special tribal number from our high school’s drum line, everyone broke off into rotations where they had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other schools, participate in a community service project for a local children’s hospital, and learn all about TASC and TASC camp. Student leaders from each school were chosen to go to a separate workshop where they took a personality test and shared other ideas about council structure. We were also able to partner with our local zoo to collect books for their educational center, in order to further impact our community. At the end of the day, we all came together and went wild about leadership with lots of cheers…TASC style!

After seeing so many people with such enthusiasm about being leaders, I am very excited about state this year. If you enjoyed EastTN workshop, state convention will be a great experience for you to develop your leadership skills even more, see what TASC is all about, and, of course, make lots of friends! I hope to see all of you there!

 Allie Horne

 East TN Rep

School Thoughts from McGavock High School

The Youth are the Future

Mentoring McGavock’s feeder middle schools

 By: McGavock High School


At the beginning of the year, the McGavock High School Student Council members decided that they were no longer going to going to accept just getting by. They wanted more; they wanted to become a pillar council in Tennessee. They knew that this would not occur in just one year, but it was going to take the coming years. In order to successfully accomplish their goal, they focused all of their attention on the four middle schools that feed into McGavock.

 The idea of mentoring the feeder middle schools first came about at SASC in October of 2013. The McGavock Officers who attended witnessed many successful councils who were going above and beyond the call of duty in their school and community. They were really in awe when they came across Odenville Middle who currently served as state president of Alabama and was elected to serve as SASC Parliamentarian. They then recalled their experience at TASC summer camp where Siegel Middle School had a very strong presence.

 “The youth is our future” is a popular saying, but in McGavock’s case, the middle school students are our future. McGavock hopes that they establish the spirit of student council in all four of their feeder schoosl and hopefully one day McGavock’s student council can say that we have students coming from councils just as great as Odenville Middle. With middle students already knowledgeable in the ways of student council when they reach, McGavock we can build upon the hope that one day we can be a power house council.

School Thoughts from Bearden High School

Hello TASC! I am so excited that convention is just around the corner and our student government has been working extremely hard to prepare the best convention Tennessee has yet to see. This year when forming committees to carry out all the various tasks required to put on a state convention, our secretary co-hosts reflected on past state and regional conventions our council has attended and observed some reoccurring problems, one being the logistical issues and efficiency of moving such large groups of people. This led to the forming of a new committee that I have had the privilege to chair called the Logistics committee.

            The main tasks associated with this committee have been to assign everyone in our council jobs for every part of the weekend, maps and directions for transitions for delegates throughout the weekend, and guaranteeing that there is enough signage and communication so that every student knows what is going on and can get there in a timely manner. Our main goal is for the convention to make sure we encounter the least amount of problems possible throughout the weekend. I am confident that the addition of this committee will help the convention to be as efficient as possible and add to the TASC Convention experience.


                                                                                                Laura Harris

                                                                                                Bearden High School

School Thoughts from Wilson Central High School

I first joined student council my sophomore year in high school. This decision alone changed my life dramatically. Before student council, I was very shy, quiet, dependent, and obscure in school and as well as life in general. I did not enjoy meeting new people and liked to hang out with just “my group” of friends. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I understand now that it was incredibly boring. There were no new experiences, no new friends, and no new adventures that drive my life today. Student Council has introduced me to new opportunities, friends, and challenges. I have made countless friends through student council, TASC and SASC, and most of them which I will keep in contact through the rest of my life. TASC and SASC has presented me with many challenges that have helped shape me into the person I am today. My sophomore year I went to SASC for my first time and it was an experience I will never forget. SASC forced me to get out of my shell and go out there and have fun. Later that year I volunteered to go to TASC as the campaign manager for Emily Carney who ran for president. Although we lost, this experience was very important to me because it taught me values such as patients, hard work, and dedication. By my junior year, I was ready to turn it up a notch. That year at SASC, Kayla Gardner and I ran for the executive office of parliamentarian. After intense campaigning from my fellow members, (that we could NEVER have done it without them) we won the two positions. This moment in my life will be with me forever. The sounds, the feelings, and the smiles I could not describe to you. The joy that swept over me and filled me with tears are unable to compare with anything else in my life. Compared to my freshman year, I am a different person. My goal as a senior is to encourage any fellow student council member of any school, to attend a TASC or SASC conference, run for an office, do the impossible, and then see what happens. It is worth it!

                                                                                                Bryce Hammer
                                                                                                Wilson Central High School

School Thoughts from Ripley High School

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the national Student Council Convention. This year it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme for the convention this year was NSCI: National Student Council Investigators. It was all about discovering the leader in you. While at NASC, I attended many workshops that I found to be very helpful. I went to a state presidents workshop where we discussed the pros and cons of our local and state councils. We found ways to tweak and fix different things. They had some really amazing round table discussions that were led by the students of the Las Vegas school student councils. I learned new communication ideas and some really neat fundraising ideas while at the round tables. Also, we had a little mini fair and different companies and shops had booths set up. One of the booths was called YUDA Bands. These are hand-made Guatemalan bracelets. We have decided to sell YUDA Bands at our own school as a community service project because for every 150 that you sell, you can sponsor a child in Guatemala for a year to go to school and such. Most of the booths that were set up were different ways to get people involved in student leadership and most of them had some ideas that we could take back to our home councils. I was very shocked at how many people and states were in attendance. I got the chance to meet some really amazing people with some inspiring stories. I had a blast at NASC. I would go back in a heartbeat. I would strongly advise going to NASC if you ever get the chance.

Speaking of attending conventions, hope to see everyone in March at Bearden High School.  Going to be a great week connecting with student leaders across the state! 


                                                                                                Emmie Hendren

                                                                                                Ripley High School

                                                                                                TASC President

Big Week for Deadlines!!!

The dreaded word for advisors…deadlines!  (well, at least for me!)  It’s a big week of deadlines, but the good news is that EVERYTHING is due on the same day – this coming Friday, February 21st.  Here is a checklist of deadlines:

1. State Convention Registration

2. Intent to run forms for TASC officers

3. Awards (Four Star Council, Platinum, Individual awards, etc.)

Note: Please visit the website for complete details and information regarding all the deadlines listed above.  Do not hesitate in contacting me at if you have any questions at all.  Good luck this week!

2014 State Convention Information!!!

2014 TASC State Convention: “ATennessee Tradition”
Online Registration Now Available! 

TASC 2014 State ConventionMarch 28-30, 2014
Bearden High School (Knoxville)

Convention Info, online registration, and forms 

Join student leaders and advisors from across Tennessee for three days of leadership training, networking, inspiration, and fun! Engaging keynote speaker Jon Gordon will share his insights on leadership principles and strategies for being effective leaders in school and in life.

“I’m Only an Advisor” (Welcome back to 2nd Semester!)

I plan, I schedule, I create…

I organize, I train…

Leaders to perform the task…

Some days I wonder…why do I do all that?

I’m only an advisor…what difference can I possibly make?

It really doesn’t matter…anyone can do what I do…things will get done…problems will be solved…activities will be planned…I think to myself…

Then one day I met someone who challenged my thoughts, “I’m only an advisor…”

He said, “What do you mean, only an advisor?”

You are THE ADVISOR…the one who goes beyond…making the positive difference.

The one who creates a culture for the world of the student, who sees the problem from the student’s perspective…the one who facilitates the positive changes, who plants the seeds for success…you are THE ADVISOR!

You listen, you care, you desire the best for each and every student.  You believe, you encourage each child’s idea, you foster, you promote the dreamer’s dream…you are THE ADVISOR!

You give and you give…without thought of return.  You take an idea and make it reality.  You accept all youth without question of worth.  You see the spark within, even before the flame is lit…you are THE ADVISOR.

You plant the seed in a child’s mind…that they can create a wonderful world if only they believe.  You take the raw talent and gently mold a youngster…into a strong leader.  You foster the positive environment and nurture the young one…you are THE ADVISOR.

So the next time you question and doubt your inner strength, take a moment to pause and reflect…change that limiting thought, “I am only an advisor” to a powerful belief…I AM THE ADVISOR – the agent of change, the promoter of justice, the creator of positive events, the significant difference in the lives of many who need…the lifesaver, the compassionate leader…THE ADVISOR!