Every year schools can submit thoughts from fundraisers to workshops to share with the rest of the councils in TN as part of the Platinum award application.  Hopefully, some of these ideas will spark ideas for your own council.  Enjoy!

“Yuda Bands”
 At this past SASC convention, a few of our students, along with myself, discovered a service project called “Yuda Bands”. The founder of the Yuda Band project was at the convention selling bands and also giving councils information about the service project, persuading them to bring it back to their schools with them. When we talked to the founder, we immediately knew that it was something we wanted to bring back to UCHS! Once we got involved, we were able to pick a student from Zimbabwe to sponsor throughout the project. The objective of this project was for us to sell the specific amount of bands needed by our student (350), so that the money we raised by selling the bands could pay off the rest of his school funds. The whole group managing this project, along with the rest of our council was very passionate and supportive during sales, which helped us tremendously when trying to reach our goal. Our team set up a table during lunch every day for two weeks, set up a table at our home ball games, and also sold bands out in the community for us to succeed in selling 350 bands. Thankfully, our Yuda Band team was able to reach the goal to pay off the rest of our student’s school funds! This service project not only brought our council closer and taught us new leadership skills, but it also brought the school together as a whole by everyone getting involved and helping out a student in need. This would be a rewarding project for any council to participate in knowing that your own council would be helping a student less fortunate, that does not have the same opportunities to gain an education as we do.
Submitted by Destiny Zabala at Unicoi High School

“The Caring Closet”
At Lake Forest Middle School, the Student Government Association started a project called The Caring Closet. The goal of The Caring Closet is to obtain toiletries and new or gently used clothing and get these items into the hands of students who need them. The donated items can be obtained by any student but our goal is to reach out to those who may have fallen on hard times or have circumstances that just don’t allow them the necessity of new clothing or toiletry items. The students go to The Caring Closet to choose clothing and toiletries that they may need or want. These items are distributed discreetly to avoid embarrassment. We feel the impact of The Caring Closet has been a positive one in that the students are able to obtain clothing that doesn’t set them apart from their peers and they are touched knowing that someone truly does care. The Caring Closet has helped Lake Forest Middle School’s Student Government Association see the effects of one small change or one new idea and how it can impact their peers.
Submitted by Gabrielle Bennett, SGA President at Lake Forest Middle School Cleveland, TN

“Making the Cut”
 Last year, based on a suggestion from a student who had donated her own hair, our council decided to host our own version of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Challenge. We canvased the school and found 20 girls and 1 faculty member willing to donate their hair. Overall, these 21 ladies donated 274 inches of hair to be made into wigs. We also sold t-shirts to the student body and faculty and donated the proceeds to our state project, St. Jude. This year, we are ready to make the cut, again! We have begun contacting stylists and looking for students to participate. We are planning on opening the opportunity up to the other high schools in our county in hopes of getting 30 participants this year. Once again, we will be selling our t-shirts to the student body and faculty and donating the profit to St. Jude. Wilson Central is making the cut and preparing to give back!
Submitted by Kendall Jennings at Wilson Central High School

“West TN Workshop”
The 2015 West Tennessee Workshop was on October 30 at Bellevue Church in Memphis. As West TN Representative, I feel like the workshop was a successful day of Spooktacular Leadership, with 200 students in attendance. The opening session included a speech by a TASC Alumna and University of Memphis Recruiter, Kelly Pietkiewicz, who spoke on failure. Her speech was unique, encouraging and something that everyone can relate to and learn. Next, the students went to five different rotations such as school spirit, dealing with administration, community service, and more. Students from my school, Houston High, as well as one student from Tipton Rosemark led the ten different sessions. The morning ended with a motivational moment by 2014-2015 TASC President Madison Cranford.  Since I was in constant contact with adults (the speakers, food caterers, Bellevue employees) I learned lifelong communication skills. I also learned how to manage my time and better delegate an event. My workshop was so much fun and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to organize it. It was also a cool experience to have several TASC alumni involved in planning and a part of the West TN Area Workshop. To, me it proves how much TASC can positively impact a person and prepares students for life after high school. I have fallen even more in love with TASC and everything it represents!
Submitted by Olivia Brommer at Houston High School

The fundraiser was used to bring together the community and raise money for student activities. The tasting is a dinner where every council member or volunteer brings in a dish of their choice for guests to sample or “taste.” Before the dinner takes place council members/volunteers pre-sell tickets for the event. We sold tickets for $10 each and $5 for every kid 10 and under. We also invited guests to buy tickets at the door. During the tasting, guests get plates and choose which dishes they would like to sample. As another way to raise funds, we sold cookbooks with the recipes of all the dishes that were at the dinner. The cookbooks were sold for about $5 each. The food theme for our “tasting” this year was soups and breads. Worked great for the month of January!
Submitted by Chandler Duncan at Soddy Daisy High School



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