It’s finally here! The 2016 annual TASC State Convention at Ravenwood High School has finally arrived. On Friday, March 4, student leaders from around the state will gather in Brentwood for a Leadership Extravaganza. As President, I am beyond excited to be playing a role in this convention. Also, this convention is my last, so I hope to make the most out of it!

3 years ago, Ravenwood hosted the state convention, and they did a spectacular job, and this year will be no different. I know this weekend will be packed full of fun, friends, and opportunities to better yourself and your own council! My challenge for all delegates at TASC is accomplish 3 things this weekend: meet new friends, discover new ways to improve your school and have an EXTRAVAGANZA with your own council! If you accomplish these three things, this convention will be one of your most memorable high school experiences.

In my years of being involved in TASC, I have learned leadership lessons time and time again. I have traveled the world. I have met amazing friends. TASC has benefitted me more than any other organization, and I am honored to have been able to serve this past year as its president. I may not know exactly what lies ahead for TASC, but I know that a legacy of great leaders is coming, and this organization will thrive for years to come. If you are reading this and aren’t involved in TASC or your home council as you would like to be, change that immediately!! It will be the best change you ever make; I guarantee it.


Carter Powers

TASC President 2015-16

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