Congratulations to all the schools who competed in the Council Awards level this year. Awards were given out at the State Convention at Bearden High School, March 28-30, 2014. The winners are as follows:

1st place – Soddy Daisy High School
2nd place – Siegel Middle School

Middle Level:
1st place – Lake Forest Middle School
2nd place – Kate Bond Middle School
3rd place – Siegel Middle School

High Level:
1st place – Memphis Central High School
2nd place – Wilson Central High School
3rd place – Trenton Peabody High School
Giles County High School

Middle Level Winner – Lake Forest Middle School
High Level Winner – Trenton Peabody High School

Middle Level:
1st place – Brittany Hall, Tipton Rosemark Academy Middle
2nd place – Jake Kelley, Highland Rim Middle School
3rd place – Kyle Chandler, Siegel Middle School

High Level:
1st place – Chelsey Sanders, Wilson Central High School
2nd place – Grady McGinnity, Ravenwood High School
3rd place – Ryan Anne Cothron, Macon County High School

Four Star Council Awards:
Ripley HS
Soddy Daisy HS
Houston HS
Giles County HS
McGavock HS
Wilson Central HS
Sullivan North HS
Snowden Middle School
Bearden HS
Tipton Rosemark Academy
Trenton Peabody HS
West Valley Middle School
Lake Forest Middle School
Carpenter Middle School
Tipton Rosemark Academy Middle
Siegel Middle School
John Sevier Middle School
Brentwood Middle School

Platinum Schools:
Soddy Daisy HS
McGavock HS
Bearden HS
Trenton Peabody HS

Best New Project:
Siegel Middle School

Best Project:
Soddy Daisy High School

Thanks again to all who participated. Start keeping track of what your council does, and I challenge all of you to enter students into individual contests, and your council to apply for Four Star!


Cyndy Howes
Council Awards

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