Middle Tennessee Workshop/TASC Summer Camp

On Friday, October 11, 2013 Wilson Central High School hosted the annual Middle Tennessee Workshop. This year’s theme was LEGOS: Building Leaders and keynote speaker Tyrone Dobson spoke on just that. LEGOS was his acronym, standing for Loyal Energetic Genuine Outward Servants. Tyrone used his past experiences in TASC and his own student council experiences when he was Student Body President to show us how to react in certain situations. Later on we dismissed into our workshops where everyone was able to come back with great ideas for their home school. This year especially we took a moment to encourage delegates to attend TASC Summer Camp and previous campers shared their past experiences at camp and what it means to them.

For me this was my last year as a camper, but I plan to spend as much time in TASC as possible until they simply do not want me any longer. I honestly cannot imagine what my high school experience would have been like without my involvement in TASC. TASC Summer Camp has been a place I can safely discover my strengths and weakness and better myself as a leader. Not only do I have TASC Camp to thank for the leader I have become, but I have made dozens of best friends that will last a lifetime. It brought me closer with local councils and even councils four hours away from me. This year I plan to apply to become a camp counselor with the hope of spending a week of my summer helping others from all over the state learn from each other and grow into the leaders we are all meant to be.

Alexandra Schafer   

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