I hope that during this past school year your council was able to get involved in our state service project, Special Olympics.  If you did, then I know that you had a great time helping the special athletes have a lot of fun.  If your council did not participate it, then here is some information to teach you about what Special Olympics is and how you can help.

Special Olympics is an awesome organization that helps people with disabilities participate in sporting events that they normally would not have the opportunity to take part in.  It is really inspiring to see the big smiles on the athletes’ faces!  Special Olympics would be impossible without money donated and hours volunteered.  That is where TASC comes in.

Getting involved in Special Olympics is easy.  If there is a local Special Olympics event, your council can volunteer.  If there is not a local event, your council can have a fundraiser.  Your council can also help raise awareness for Special Olympics in your school or community.  All three of these are easy and very fulfilling to those who get involved. 

For more information about Special Olympics and the Platinum Award requirements, you can visit the service project page of the TASC website (tnasc.org).  I hope that your council will get involved in Special Olympics if it has not already.  TASC appreciates your help and so do the Special Olympics athletes.  I hope to see you at convention!

Thank You,

Rachael Schulze                                                                                               

TASC Vice President                                                      

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