The Youth are the Future

Mentoring McGavock’s feeder middle schools

 By: McGavock High School


At the beginning of the year, the McGavock High School Student Council members decided that they were no longer going to going to accept just getting by. They wanted more; they wanted to become a pillar council in Tennessee. They knew that this would not occur in just one year, but it was going to take the coming years. In order to successfully accomplish their goal, they focused all of their attention on the four middle schools that feed into McGavock.

 The idea of mentoring the feeder middle schools first came about at SASC in October of 2013. The McGavock Officers who attended witnessed many successful councils who were going above and beyond the call of duty in their school and community. They were really in awe when they came across Odenville Middle who currently served as state president of Alabama and was elected to serve as SASC Parliamentarian. They then recalled their experience at TASC summer camp where Siegel Middle School had a very strong presence.

 “The youth is our future” is a popular saying, but in McGavock’s case, the middle school students are our future. McGavock hopes that they establish the spirit of student council in all four of their feeder schoosl and hopefully one day McGavock’s student council can say that we have students coming from councils just as great as Odenville Middle. With middle students already knowledgeable in the ways of student council when they reach, McGavock we can build upon the hope that one day we can be a power house council.

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