Hello TASC! I am so excited that convention is just around the corner and our student government has been working extremely hard to prepare the best convention Tennessee has yet to see. This year when forming committees to carry out all the various tasks required to put on a state convention, our secretary co-hosts reflected on past state and regional conventions our council has attended and observed some reoccurring problems, one being the logistical issues and efficiency of moving such large groups of people. This led to the forming of a new committee that I have had the privilege to chair called the Logistics committee.

            The main tasks associated with this committee have been to assign everyone in our council jobs for every part of the weekend, maps and directions for transitions for delegates throughout the weekend, and guaranteeing that there is enough signage and communication so that every student knows what is going on and can get there in a timely manner. Our main goal is for the convention to make sure we encounter the least amount of problems possible throughout the weekend. I am confident that the addition of this committee will help the convention to be as efficient as possible and add to the TASC Convention experience.


                                                                                                Laura Harris

                                                                                                Bearden High School

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