This summer I had the opportunity to attend the national Student Council Convention. This year it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme for the convention this year was NSCI: National Student Council Investigators. It was all about discovering the leader in you. While at NASC, I attended many workshops that I found to be very helpful. I went to a state presidents workshop where we discussed the pros and cons of our local and state councils. We found ways to tweak and fix different things. They had some really amazing round table discussions that were led by the students of the Las Vegas school student councils. I learned new communication ideas and some really neat fundraising ideas while at the round tables. Also, we had a little mini fair and different companies and shops had booths set up. One of the booths was called YUDA Bands. These are hand-made Guatemalan bracelets. We have decided to sell YUDA Bands at our own school as a community service project because for every 150 that you sell, you can sponsor a child in Guatemala for a year to go to school and such. Most of the booths that were set up were different ways to get people involved in student leadership and most of them had some ideas that we could take back to our home councils. I was very shocked at how many people and states were in attendance. I got the chance to meet some really amazing people with some inspiring stories. I had a blast at NASC. I would go back in a heartbeat. I would strongly advise going to NASC if you ever get the chance.

Speaking of attending conventions, hope to see everyone in March at Bearden High School.  Going to be a great week connecting with student leaders across the state! 


                                                                                                Emmie Hendren

                                                                                                Ripley High School

                                                                                                TASC President

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