I plan, I schedule, I create…

I organize, I train…

Leaders to perform the task…

Some days I wonder…why do I do all that?

I’m only an advisor…what difference can I possibly make?

It really doesn’t matter…anyone can do what I do…things will get done…problems will be solved…activities will be planned…I think to myself…

Then one day I met someone who challenged my thoughts, “I’m only an advisor…”

He said, “What do you mean, only an advisor?”

You are THE ADVISOR…the one who goes beyond…making the positive difference.

The one who creates a culture for the world of the student, who sees the problem from the student’s perspective…the one who facilitates the positive changes, who plants the seeds for success…you are THE ADVISOR!

You listen, you care, you desire the best for each and every student.  You believe, you encourage each child’s idea, you foster, you promote the dreamer’s dream…you are THE ADVISOR!

You give and you give…without thought of return.  You take an idea and make it reality.  You accept all youth without question of worth.  You see the spark within, even before the flame is lit…you are THE ADVISOR.

You plant the seed in a child’s mind…that they can create a wonderful world if only they believe.  You take the raw talent and gently mold a youngster…into a strong leader.  You foster the positive environment and nurture the young one…you are THE ADVISOR.

So the next time you question and doubt your inner strength, take a moment to pause and reflect…change that limiting thought, “I am only an advisor” to a powerful belief…I AM THE ADVISOR – the agent of change, the promoter of justice, the creator of positive events, the significant difference in the lives of many who need…the lifesaver, the compassionate leader…THE ADVISOR!  

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