TASC State Project: Special Olympics

You can help in many ways. Special Olympics is volunteer driven and funded entirely by donations and contributions in the community. Find out how you can get involved!

What is the importance?

Special Olympics is often the only resource available for its athletes to experience the thrill of competition and subsequent pride of achievement. These gains often build a new self-confidence that carries over into other aspects of their lives.

Why is your support necessary?

As you may or may not know, Special Olympics is funded solely by donations and volunteer efforts from community organizations, school organizations, businesses and individuals. Contrary to belief, there is NO government funding.  Also, International Special Olympics By-laws prohibit charging athletes for any portions of their ribbons, medals, equipment, uniforms, housing, meals, and admission or participation costs for any competition.  This is to ensure that no athlete is left out of training or competition due to their socio-economic standing.

Where do we find information?

You can support Special Olympics in various ways in Tennessee. Visit www.specialolympicstn.org to gain more information on how you can get involved.  Also, on the Home page, you can click on Volunteers at the top of the page, then click on Find a Local Program.  Once you are on this page, you can find the name of your county and click on it.  This will give you the name and contact information of the Area Directors who serve your area.

What can we do to help?

1.  Plan fundraisers to donate to Tennessee Special Olympics.

2.  Plan fundraisers to donate to YOUR Area Special Olympics.

3.  Volunteer for Area or State Competitions. (see schedule of events on websites)

4.  Create awareness: Host a Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign

                    Visitwww.r-word.org to learn about this campaign.

5.  Participate in fundraiser events sponsored by your Area or by the State


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