Hello, Teachers!

            My name is Gabriella Valentine, and I’m the TASC president this year. I hope your first month of school has been great! This is a great year to be a part of the Tennessee Association of Student Councils! There are some fantastic student leaders and advisors that have been working hard on workshops and convention!

            Remember to register for the Fall Workshop in your area. The excitement and passion the Area Reps have for these events will be sure to inspire you and your school. Fall Workshop is a great way to get new ideas for the year as well as share your successes with others. For teachers it is an excellent way to connect and for Students it is a place to be themselves and be loved for it.

            And let’s not forget convention! This year’s hosts from Ravenwood High School are two of my greatest friends, and they have been planning convention since this past March. I can promise you it will be worth the trip from wherever you are in the state.

            I can honestly say that TASC has changed my life. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be writing a welcome letter for this association as the president I would have looked at you and shook my head. TASC has made me confident in my own abilities and the abilities of all the student leaders around me. There is so much to gain from getting your students active in TASC, so please sign up for everything you can!

            There are so many ways to get involved. One of the best ways is to take part in the state project this year – Special Olympics. Raise money for the organization or do some hands-on volunteering in your area! Your children will benefit from helping others with disabilities. As the relative of a Downs Syndrome child, I know how much the companionship of other kids means. You will be able to see a change in your students for the better, I promise.

            Advisors, you all have such great leaders at your schools! Allow them to shine! I hope you have a fantastic year, and I cannot wait to see you soon! 

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  1. Jo Baker says:

    Really good letter, Gabby!!

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